Smarter Offshoring

The practice of moving service jobs to low-wage countries is entering a new phase. For offshoring functions ranging from computer programming and R&D to call-center and back-ofce tasks, U.S. and western European companies will have to expand substantially the number of locations they consider. In choosing a location, they will have to focus less on low wages and much more on other ways that candidate cities can fulfll their business needs.

Near Time Zone

Mexico location allow us to work with our clients during their normal working hours as a single team.

Talent Availability

With one of the largest young populations in the world, Mexico graduates more than 100 thousand engineers each year.

Near Mindset

Our regular working day, food, entertainment, customs, education, ethics and values are very similar to those of US.

Skill Level of Workers

Our team brings to you the best talent and guarantees covering positions when needed.


Our geographic proximity to the US makes travel easier and less expensive, thus facilitating personal interaction.


Our clients can communicate their needs without concern about misunderstandings or heavy accents..


We’ll find you the right developers

mxBrain is the best nearshore partner you can choose to turn your ideas and needs into working software products.

Over time, we have successfully assisted other companies by creating the software solution they need from the scratch. Most of these companies didn’t have a prior or extensive background in developing software products, so we were able to take charge of every single step to create the product by providing the best human resources to achieve their expectations.

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Whether you are facing a problem your in-house team cannot solve, or you need additional resources to handle the workload, take advantage of our staff augmentation services.

mxBrain brings in both niche expertise and large talent pool to help you grow your team and your business.

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